xxzbat | ieva berzina




Visual Identity Design

Carthago is a Tunisian-owned hospitality company located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The main concepts that I explored when when working on this project were traditional Tunisian door designs that are mainly found in Sidi Bou Said. The colour palette was also inspired by the blue and white buildings traditionally found in this northern Tunisian town. For the initial concepts, I presented an abstract ornamental design incorporating the elements I found while researching traditional doors, with the alternative concept being a historic and worn archway inspired by elements of Islamic architecture in North Africa.

For the final design that was chosen by the client, I integrated traditional Tunisian foods into the door design. The elements represented here are wheat for couscous, brik pastry with a slice of lemon, chili pepper for harissa paste, ojja – fried egg and merguez sausage, yoyos or Tunisian donuts etc.