xxzbat | ieva berzina


Uitbundig Studio / Municipality of Koggenland


Visual Identity Design

I had the opportunity to create all visual communications for a municipality in North-Holland about the upcoming energy transition from fossil fuels towards renewables. The aim of the campaign is to convince residents to switch to new energy sources, heat pumps and solar panels and help people with this process through communication. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine changed the scope of the project switching focus on gas first and giving people tips on how to save money on their energy bills.

The main goal was to create a design system that’s engaging, inclusive, establishes trust and clearly and simply communicates the campaign’s message, energy saving tips and how the municipality can help. The visual direction is simple and iconic in order to reach a wide audience and look approachable and distinctive to a large group of residents who have low digital literacy and cannot be reached online.

For full brand guidelines book, click here.