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Els Bons Amics (fictional client)


Brand Identity Design, Packaging Design

Branding concept for an ice-cream & pastry shop Els Bons Amics (meaning ‘Good Friends‘ in Catalan) based in Palma de Mallorca inspired by all the tasty sweets I had on my holiday there.

Mallorca has a lot of bakeries and ice-cream shops that serve traditional sweet pastries with the ensaïmada, that dates back to 17th century, being among the most popular ones. Most bakeries are very traditional and have been around for a long time however I noticed that most of them don’t cater to people with allergies nor have gluten-free and vegan options. This sparked my idea of creating a plant-based and allergens free ice-cream & pastry shop with a friendly and unique visual identity that would also communicate the inclusivity of the brand’s mission.