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Lucky Race / Sabine Martinsone


Illustration & Design, Cover Artwork

Lucky Race: Around The World is a travel-themed board game inspired by Jules Verne's novel ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’. I was tasked with creating a whole visual system of the game including the playing cards, playing board design and cover artwork. The game is intended for ages 5+, which is what I tried to convey aesthetically by creating fun and colourful illustrations that would appeal to the whole family.

Each ‘city card‘ aka playing card features an illustration of a city and the landmark it’s most known for, and there are also ‘accident‘ and ‘transportation‘ cards to be used during the game.

The playing board is the map of northern hemisphere with 12 cities in different countries and continents. In order to travel to the next city, the player must collect the type of movement cards indicated on the respective road. There are various missteps that could happen on the trip, such as accident situations or a sudden pickpocket. The winner is the player who is the first to travel around the world and return to the city they started in.