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Juicy Records


Cover Artwork, Editorial Illustration

Juicy Records is an independent record label and publisher who I’ve collaborated with over years by working on their full re-branding and visual identity, creating editorial illustrations and, most recently, cover artwork for their annual magazine.

For the cover artwork of The Juice issue #08 (2021), I drew my version of King Ghidorah, the fictional three-headed monster mostly known as the enemy of Godzilla. This is also a reference to the alias King Geedorah used by rapper and producer MF DOOM for his second studio album Take Me To Your Leader whose story is covered in this issue. The cover included several more elements relating to content such as cryptocurrency, photography, travel report from Palestine (watermelon being the symbol of Palestinian resistance) and more.

The editorial illustration for the issue #07 is for an article on Dark Tourism. I drew an exaggerated portrayal of an influencer acting in a disrespectful manner while visiting mass graves in Cambodia which have a huge tourist draw while also being sites of mourning and remembrance for locals.

For issue #06, I illustrated an article debating the separation of art and the artist.