xxzbat | ieva berzina


Soi Dog Foundation (proposed concept)


Rebranding Project – Visual Identity Design, Merchandise Design

Soi Dog is an animal shelter based in Phuket, Thailand who help the street dogs and cats who have no-one else to care for them. I had a chance to visit them in 2019 and I was really impressed with the amazing work that they do which is why I chose them for a re-branding exercise.

Soi Dog stands for ‘street dog‘ in Thai however, since the organisation cares for the welfare of both dogs and cats, I wanted to include that in their branding and visual communication so you can see both represented in the logo, posters and merch design. I decided to keep the orange colour of the original logo, just making it slightly muted, since it has already established a strong association with the brand.

Soi Dog Foundation are also doing important work fighting for animal welfare and the end of dog meat trade across Asia so I created campaign posters and merch that would also incorporate elements of the foundation’s brand.

Overall, I aimed to create a more cohesive visual graphic suite for communicating the brand’s message across all platforms.